Rice Paper Rolls



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  • 25 min
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  • 2 Portions

These rice paper rolls can contain anything really, making them perfect for leftovers and clearing out the fridge. The lime and mint add a huge amount of freshness that is hard to match. Serve with peanut sauce for the best experience.


2 Portions


  1. Cook the rice noodles for 3 minutes. Mix into a bowl with the sesame oil, add sesame seeds. Set aside
  2. In a large bowl, add the juice of 2 limes and combine with the garlic and ginger
  3. Prepare the carrot, beetroot and cucumber into thin strips in a food processor. Add to the bowl and mix
  4. Thinly slice the radish, red onion and pepper. Add to the bowl and mix
  5. Prepare 1 roll at a time - submerge a sheet of rice paper into room temperature water (too hot and it will cook, too cold and it won't soften) for 30 seconds. Remove and place onto a chopping board (it should be reasonably slimy)
  6. Add a good helping of the mix from the bowl near the bottom of the sheet
  7. Add a line of noodles, coriander, mint and spinach
  8. Fold the ends in first, then roll. It will instantly stick together. Cut in half diagonally